Do you provide the alcohol?

Unfortunately it is illegal for a frozen slushie/cocktail machine operator to provide you with the alcohol unless you are a licensed venue or have a liquor licence. We will advise you which alcohol you need and the quantity for your frozen machine, however we cannot provide it.

Who adds the solution to the machine?

Upon delivery of your machine we will add the liquid depending on the flavours you have chosen prior to the day.

Who cleans the machine, is it cleaned on site and how often is it cleaned?

We clean the machine so don't stress when we come to pick it up the next day and its dirty or still has some liquid in it. Please do not feel obliged to clean the machine. We bring a bucket to empty any remaining liquid from the machine for disposal. We clean the machines at our warehouse. The machines are sterilised and sanitised after each party using safe detergents and before each event to ensure the upmost hygiene.

How long does it take for the liquid to freeze?

In most cases a twin bowl machine will take between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours, however the time may vary depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the longer it will take for the machine to freeze. On a very hot day it may take up to 4 hours to produce frozen slushie/cocktails.

How many drinks will you get out of each 12L bowl?

You will get approximately 60 drinks per 12L bowl, so 120 drinks for a twin bowl machine.

You will also get 60 drinks out of any purchased syrup refill bottles.

Can we have different flavours for each side?

 Yes, it is a good idea to have different flavours in your machine as it offers some variety to party guests.

Who sets up the machine?

One of our friendly Doozie drivers will set up your slushie/cocktail machine and will adjust the settings on the machine to ensure the machine operates effectively.

Can we have one side alcohol and the other side without alcohol for the kids?

 We do not provide the alcohol so it is up to you if you want to add alcohol on both sides of your machine, just one side or no alcohol at all for kids parties. However we strongly encourage that if you are putting alcohol in one side of the machine only that you closely supervise it and ensure that no under age child can access the cocktail machine without an adult's supervision. Doozie encourages responsible service of alcohol at all times.